Choose To Make A Difference

Choose to Make A Difference

You Can Buy… or Invest in

* Best-selling 42 inch, plasma, flat-
panel, 1080p HDTV for a cinema-
style home entertainment experience
(wall mount not included)…. $1,500. …

or invest in

* One week safe haven, necessities
and 24 hour support for an adult
and three children, reclaiming their
lives from abuse …$1,500.


* Fast, lightweight laptop (1.5 GHz,
2 GB, 250GB), high-definition wide-
screen display and built-in Web cam
… $1,050.

or invest in

* Average one time cash assistance
for a survivor and two children to
remain housed and avoid shelter


* Hot video gaming system with
realistic graphics, three popular
games and accessories …$500.

or invest in

* College-credit course, books and
support for a survivor to improve
their long-term earning potential


* Latest cell phone gadgetry with
all the latest video, audio and texting
bells and whistles, less online rebate

or invest in

* 10 week computer class and
individual support for survivors
entering or re-entering the job
market …$250.


* Half dozen on-hand generic gifts
for unexpected guests and occasions
over the season …$100. .

or invest in

* Two months transportation across
town for a survivor starting a new
job …$120.
Your Gift Can Change Lives
Be part of the community solution to end domestic abuse

Narrow Path Ministries Domestic Abuse Prevention Program , now the Family Renewal Center
Helping the hurting to heal

4727 E. Bell Rd., #45 PMB 350, Phoenix, AZ, 85032
602-493-2016, 508-875-8582,


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