Health Take Away

30 November 09
By Rev. Paul N. Papas II

Health Take Away

The survival of the fittest has not generally been the rule in this country. Our country has generally tried to help all kinds of people all over the world with their needs.

We have made great gains in this country to help women detect breast cancer early enough to prevent many deaths. We have had a lot of groups and people advocating early detection.

Each woman’s breast cancer risk may be higher or lower, depending upon a several factors, including family history, genetics, age of menstruation, and other factors that have not yet been identified. Fewer young women develop breast cancer, but they have lower survival rates than older women, because younger women develop more aggressive cancers.

The probability of women developing breast cancer within the next ten years for women 20 years old is 1 in 1,985, at 30 it is 1 out of 229, at 40 it is 1 out of 68, at 50 it is 1 out of 37, at 60 it is 1 out of 26, and at 70 it is 1 out of 24.

As you can see by putting off a mammogram could have disastrous affects.

A new government report that will affect insurance coverage now puts the age from 40 to 50 when women should start having mammograms. This is one more hint of the health care rationing that will take place to save money if the new health care bill passes.

If you are too old and sick you may not be approved to receive health care. The same may apply to babies born with too many health problems.

Let’s take a look at all the hard work and advances we’ve made in medicine over the last thirty years which were only possible because of capitalism.

Let’s change focus and look at the medical condition of a mental illness. The research done by the major drug companies have given us new medications to help people live the best possible life they can. With no funding for future research who knows what might not be discovered.

With the drug companies not being allowed to do research the cost of medications will rise. As the cost of the medication rises so will the cost of health care. When the cost is high enough the costs won’t be approved. Therefore those who have a medical condition of a mental illness will be placed in the same category as those who are too old and sick and denied medical insurance coverage.

People who have a medical condition of a medical illness did not request to have that medical condition any more than the 65 year old who has a few medical issues and now suffers a heart attack. Both could easily be just left to suffer.

Why would we want to pay a very high price for something we won’t be able to use until 2013? Why would we would want to pay a very high price for something that takes away our freedoms?

There are many veterans that are not coming home, because they signed a blank check to give their country everything, including their lives, to protect our freedoms. Why would we want to just give them away?

The MA version of this medical care has not been cost effective? Why would we believe a national version would be cost effective?

Can you name me one program or business the national government has taken over that makes money?

Would you trust someone in Washington DC who you never meet to give you better medical care than you own doctor? Would you trust someone in Washington DC to give you the medical care you really need?

Would you trust that someone with an immediate mental health need would receive an instant answer from someone in Washington DC as to coverage availability? Have you ever tried to get answers from anyone in Washington DC?

In my humble opinion the passage of the health care bill as proposed is a health care take away for those who really need it, those with a mental illness, the old, and the very young with too many health issues.

Rev Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (located in MA and AZ), founder of the Family Renewal Center and past President of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Greater Framingham. NAMI has a variety of support services for family, friends and those who suffer from a Mental Illness,,


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