Living In The Weeds

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By Rev Paul N. Papas II

1 May 2012


Living In The Weeds


Now that the weather is warmer it would seem like fun to grab your backpack and sleeping bag to sleep under the stars. What if that was your year-round home – would it still be fun?

There are many reasons why some people live it the weeds.

Some find the tall weeds a way of hiding their living and sleeping area, thereby feeling some protection from the uninvited outside world.

Some people live in the weeds without stepping near the tall grass and overgrown brush. Some would feel happy to blend in with the wallpaper, their weeds make them feel safe from the uninvited outside world also.

The reasons could be many for living in the weeds. One result is the same -stepping out of the mainstream traffic of life.

Various forms of living in the weeds have been tried over the years….the 60s are replete with those who dropped out of life. Some never came back; some are in or have been in high government positions.

Some people live in the weeds because they feel as though they were driven there by their family or community.

There are some in the weeds who really feel the sting of stigma. Stigma attaches to many groups just because another group decides it is better than the group they choose to stigmatize. Those who happen to have the unwanted medical condition of a mental illness have often been stigmatized and even demonized throughout the centuries. In this day and age we’ve seen product manufacturers and TV shows villainize those who happen to have the unwanted medical condition of a mental.

You really get to know someone when you take a trip across the plains in Conestoga wagon or tour the country in a motor coach. Whether it is couple or family you can be sure peopled get irritated with each other. A woman whose husband insists on re-double-checking the tire pressure gets just as annoyed as the woman whose mate kept stopping to examine horseshoes.

If toothpaste came in tubes back then, surely one of family members squeezed it wrong. And it’s a safe bet that at least one pair of socks got left on the prairie because some wife had had enough of her husband’s habit of throwing his dirty clothes everywhere.

If it’s a simple matter for you to change a little quirk that gets on your spouse’s or family member’s nerves, make the change. Anything you can do to promote harmony in your home will pay great dividends. Your partner or family will thank you, and you won’t have to endure any more nagging.

And if your loved one regularly does some small thing that rubs you the wrong way, communicate your feelings constructively – once. Beyond that, overlook the behavior. Decide that it’s not worth getting upset about and fighting about. Correct the “error” when and if necessary, joke about it occasionally, choose to love your spouse, or family member all the more for their endearing foibles.

Rather than constantly pointing out your partner or family member’s faults, focus on what you can do to travel through life together peacefully.

If your family member broke their leg or had a heart attack would you treat them the same way you’d treat them if they happen to have the unwanted medical condition of a mental illness?

Encourage, by your deeds, those living in the weeds to come out and welcome them home.

Rev Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of  the Family Renewal Center (AZ) and



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