Running on Low Octane

Desert Tornado Aug 15 2014 Wilcox AZ
By Rev Paul N. Papas II
1 September 2014

Just like any finely tuned engine your body works best on high octane, healthy nutritional foods.

Ever hear the phrase “we have done so much with so little for so long, the impossible just takes a little longer”. When your body is fed with low octane junk food is does not function properly because it does not have what it requires to function at full capacity. Your car won’t run without gas and it runs poorly on low octane fuel. Eating low octane unhealthy food is asking your body to do much with so little.

You can find a quick sugar high, high fat or empty calorie meal at a fast food outlet. A few studies have shown a link between processed, fried and sugar-filled food and the increase of chances of depression and anxiety in women.

The Department of Defense has begun a trial where they give nutrient-rich foods to veterans in an attempt to reduce the incidence of suicides of former soldiers. Veterans have been harmed by a lack of care by the VA and have experienced a large number of suicides as of late.

Eating more fruits, veggies, olive oil, raw nuts, oily fish and whole grains and less of red meat, dairy and processed foods made the research subjects half as likely to develop depression as those eating unhealthy foods. Education and economic status is not important as diet; basically garbage in, garbage out.

Try running corrupted files on your computer and see where that gets you.

It has been known for some time that taking SSRIs has a side effect of suicidal behavior. Just read the warning label. SSRIs are prescribed as antidepressants. A high percentage of those who have committed mass shootings have been prescribed SSRIs for their depression. I have written about the dangers of SSRIs before.

I would think that if you were to receive relief from depression by eating well and exercising, you’d be better off than ingesting chemicals that could cause you more harm than good; again garbage in, garbage out.

There are a number of foods and spices that have been proven to help people with various ailments. Medical Research has done some marvelous work and has made some fantastic discoveries. Before medical doctors, people ate or used certain natural foods to help in their healing. Some of the more common of these ‘healing’ foods are Olive Oil, Garlic, Asparagus, Honey, Cinnamon, and Watermelon. You can check online for websites such as to do your own research.

You may have heard about the recent admission by a CDC Doctor that he published false information denying the link of certain vaccines to autism. There have been people warning about the link to certain vaccines and autism for sometime now. It is a crying shame that so many children have autism and it is even worse if, for many of them, it was totally preventable. I have read that the dangerous vaccines can be made safe and would like to see that happen very shortly; again garbage in, garbage out. I also read some articles that say a body cleansing can reverse the affects of autism.

There are still incidents of untrained police officers improperly confronting people exhibiting a Mental Illness. There is a program that has been successfully duplicated elsewhere which I would recommend for every city for police to deal with people exhibiting a Mental Illness.

Mental Illness is increasingly being used as a weapon against people with different views; see my previous two articles on the subject.

Sadness, Depression, and feeling blue are natural emotions and are often tied to events in our lives. Often a high octane, healthy diet, exercise, and a listening ear will help tremendously. You could be that listening ear…..

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) and


6 Responses to Running on Low Octane

  1. And music and walks in nature are good too.


  2. There is no doubt that a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet enhances and maintains good health. But not just physical health. The brain also benefits and our emotional health is supported too. Thanks visit my blog.


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