Other Consequences of Ruling

moral compass
June 30, 2015
By Rev Paul N. Papas II

Sometimes we don’t realize all of the consequences of our actions before we embark on a trail.

An experienced hiker or camper probably would not forget his map, compass, and proper footwear. Although an experienced hiker or camper should be able to navigate day or night without a compass, he may navigate as precisely as he would with a compass.

An experienced camper should be able to find or construct a shelter from his surroundings.

Ignoring, loosing or throwing away your moral compass can be harmful in more ways than one. There could be physical, psychological, or spiritual harm done to yourself or those around you when you ignore, lose, or throw away your moral compass. Often times it is hurt people who ignore, lose, or throw away their moral compass to try to dull the pain of the hurts. People who suffer the pain of being hurt often times hurt others.

We may never know the exact reasons why the five Supreme Court justices thought they could redefine marriage. They also may not have thought about all the consequences of their actions. One such consequence of their actions is a weakened U.S. military.

Our military is already stretched thin across the globe. It does not look as though the situation is going to improve in the near future.

As a Veteran I can tell you that from Boot Camp teamwork is stressed, as is leadership. Some of our finest Military leaders produced the most results because they were not afraid to lead the charge, they did not sit in an office dictating the next move. The Military leaders who produced the most results were recognized as part of the team trying to accomplish a mission.

The most effective teams in the military trust each member with their lives. If they don’t trust each other and they have to keep one eye on their team member and the other eye on the enemy their life expectancy is very short.

The consequences of failing to follow the Chain of Command can be seen in military and in civilian life. Look how many civilian Whistleblowers are retaliated against for warning the public of danger that has been hushed up. The situation in the military could prove to be deadly or career ending for failing to follow the Chain of Command.

One consequence of the redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court is further rise in and greater suppression of rapes and sexual assaults in the military upon men and women.

The normal process in the Military to report a Rape or Sexual Assault is to report it up the Chain of Command. Unfortunately that system usually produces recriminations upon the victims, little or no reporting beyond the unit, and improper handling of the investigation. Congress has failed to pass a bill that would permit military personal to report a Rape or Sexual Assault to a civilian authority.

The redefinition of marriage could see a rise in rapes and sexual assaults upon men and women as we did after don’t ask don’t tell was implemented. The number of reports may well go down so as not to be labeled as homophobic or some such nonsense.

Rapes and Sexual Assaults in the military could lead to distrust among team members. The distrust of fellow team members weakens the team and weakens the military. The distrust of fellow team members could prove deadly in combat and turn a winnable situation into a disastrous defeat for the battle and the nation.

Those who commit rape or sexual assaults in the military have a greater chance of not being brought to justice as a result of the redefinition of marriage and perpetrating the same crimes upon the civilian population.

The cost upon the victims of rape and sexual assaults are not always considered either. Victims of rape and sexual assaults have more and long lasting mental health issues and higher rates of suicide than those who have not been raped or sexually assaulted. There is help available for victims.

Perpetrators don’t usually seek help, however is available.

I believe those five who thought they were redefining marriage never considered they were weakening our military.

Sexual Assualt Military

The Invisible War – Official Trailer

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) http://www.narrowpathministries.org and http://www.familyrenewalcenteraz.org










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