Surrender or Lose Your Head

Courage Billy Graham
By Reverend Paul N. Papas II
August 4, 2015

That might sound a little severe unless you’ve watching the world events as they seemingly escalate out of control. Perhaps you and I won’t be required to make that seemingly severe choice today.

Some will dismiss helpful or new information as another conspiracy theory. Funny thing about the so called conspiracy theories many large ones have been proven to be factual.

How many years did we hear that Area 51 in New Mexico did not exist? How many people were jailed or committed to Mental Health Hospitals because they presented evidence that Area 51 was real and the government had some sort of project at that location. About two years ago the government finally admitted that Area 51 does exist and was used as a test site.

About 27 years ago a reporter named Duncan Campbell exposed a government surveillance program called ECHELON. Today documents were revealed showing the reporter was correct, our government has been conducting world wide surveillance by way of the project ECHELON for years. Duncan Campbell was finally vindicated.

For sometime time I have been writing about the weaponizing of the Mental Health system. There are people who have legitimate Mental Health issues and they can legitimately be addressed in several ways. In some cases natural remedies have proven helpful. As you can see from my previous articles, available on my blog, there are some pretty harmful, and in some cases evil ways, the Mental Health system is being used to further a political agenda.

It was not long ago that a plan was announced to declare recipients of Social Security incompetent so they will not be eligible to register or possess guns. There is not enough space to address the absurdity and the pitfalls of this obviously politically driven plan.

Today I read that a Psychiatrist has a national for profit business of teaching police to shoot first then he will come in and answer the questions. As an expert witness, he will lie for them, in court and, according to him, have the police exonerated. So the Law Enforcer becomes a Law Breaker with the help of Psychiatrist who perjures himself to have the Law Enforcer/Law Breaker go scot-free while some of his victims remain dead.

So now right is wrong, up is down, and left is right. Who is the sane one?

Yes, you can surrender to this upside down madness and perhaps take a pill to numb yourself or stick to your God given values and strength.

You have probably been given a steady diet of the turmoil in the Middle East which has spread to much of Europe and Africa as it makes its way here to the US. Volumes have been written as to how we got to this situation in time. Good, bad, or indifferent we are here.

Some would choose to look at the End Times Prophecy as a conspiracy theory or a fairy tale, you may, but what if it is true? You can find out more on my blog.

There are thousands in Iraqi and Syria especially who are being sold as sex slaves, loosing their businesses, homes and even their heads because of their faith. The complaint heard most often by the beheaders is that the Christians are not begging for mercy or their lives or crying, instead they are singing hymns.

Yes, you can surrender this upside down madness or stick to your God given values and strength. Perhaps you’ll lose your head; if you do you’ll know where you’ll be in the next instant.

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) and


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  1. I love what you do with words. Great work indeed.
    I’ll be glad if you could visit my blog too.


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