Doing The Right Thing

February 2, 2023

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

30 January 2023

It’s always good to do the right thing.

I watched an older couple as they waited for the bus. A homeless lady in her 30s walked passed the bus stop. The couple was sitting waiting for the bus with their grocery bags.  The homeless lady engaged the couple in conversation as she was hungry and seeking food. The couple offered her some food items from their grocery shopping. The homeless lady ripped open the offered food packaging and ate as if she had not eaten in days. The homeless lady ate, was grateful and went on her way. The couple probably did more than most would have when they did the right thing and helped the homeless lady.  The couple could have an angel to the homeless lady. I had not seen the three of them before or since.

Great Molasses Flood, disaster in Boston that occurred after a storage tank collapsed on January 15, 1919, sending more than two million gallons of molasses flowing through the city’s North End. The molasses careened through the street at over 30 mph, sweeping away railcars, buildings, people and animals. The deluge caused extensive damage and killed 21 people and 150 injured.

Suddenly, the riveted bolts holding the bottom of the tank exploded, shooting out like bullets, and the hot molasses rushed out. The bolts and molasses collapsed the over trains uprights and the first floor of a nearby firehouse.

The storage tank was made with undersize steel and rushed to meet a wartime deadline. The person overseeing the construction only had a finance background. The Great Molasses Flood disaster was cause by people not doing the right thing; they should have taken more care in designing, building with the proper materials and had proper construction oversight.

Chernobyl was another engineering disaster that affected other countries as the weather carried contaminates to other continents. Had they done the right thing Chernobyl would have been engineered better and the situation been addressed early and the damage could have been averted or contained.

The Coconut Grove Fire Disaster was estimated that more than 1000 persons were inside the Grove at the time of the fire. As with the Melody Lounge, panic ensued and customers attempted to find an exit. Unfortunately, many exits were either locked shut or were not easily indentified or accessed by the crowd. The fire now had complete control of the premises, with a tremendous rise in temperature and high levels of toxic gas. Observers outside could only watch in horror as relatives and friends were crushed by the weight of the crowd surging against the jammed door.

The Fire Department initially went to the wrong location. The small, congested streets in the area of the Grove quickly became clogged with fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles. The fire was extinguished in a matter of minutes, but the damage had already been done. Rescue operations began immediately, but the full horror of what awaited the firefighters inside the building was not fully realized for a period of time. Many patrons who were able to exit under their own power collapsed in the street and stacks of bodies, both living and dead, were buried shoulder-high at many of the exits. Getting inside to help proved nearly as difficult as getting out.  

A busboy thought he was doing the right thing by using a match to check a bulb on a tree, instead started the disaster by lighting the tree on fire which ignited the ceiling.  If the owner had done the right thing the exits would not have been locked or blocked saving many lives.

Today we have an ever increasing amount people who go out of their way to harm others in the name of power and control, just like an abuser, a bully, in attempt to destroy our way of life. On purpose they are doing the wrong thing as they try to destroy our way of life.

Just because someone else does not do the right thing that does not mean you are relieved of your responsibility to do the right thing.

Together we can right the ship by doing the right thing.

“It doesn’t matter what rights you have under the Constitution of the U.S., if the government can punish you for exercising those rights. And it doesn’t matter what limits the Constitution puts on government officials’ power, if they can exceed those limits without any adverse consequences”. —Thomas Sowell

Tucker: This is a matter of national survival

“Jesus… What Happened To Us?” by Five Times August (YouTube Edit)

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ)   and



How Solid Are Your Principles?

November 3, 2022

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

November 1, 2022


What are you made of when the rubber meets the road? I’m not talking about what posts or memes you forward or like. Your core principles are your foundation. If your foundation is built on quicksand you’ll be swallowed up or washed away with a few tears.

When the door closes and you are alone, when it is just you and God your principles are clear. Acting in accordance with your principles, especially when go are going against the heard or mob mentality can take courage.  

Courage is not the absence of fear it is acting in spite of fear.

There are many throughout history who have made a difference by not following the crowd. Instead, they choose to act with courage in accordance with their principles.

Noah was chosen by God to save humanity, not because he was perfect, rather because his principles where in line with God’s. Noah did not ask friends or a focus group to determine whether building an Ark was needed or the right thing to do. God spoke, Noah listen, then followed God’s directions.  The Titanic was built with money as the goal without God and it sunk on it’s its first voyage. At the time Noah built the Ark it had never rained before.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles saves lives, as did Noah or Daniel Ellsberg with the Pentagon Papers.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles means you return an overpayment.  

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles means your resume is factual even if it means you are not accepted for a position for which you are unqualified or did not rightfully attain.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles gets a SWAT raid, such as Right to Lifers who stand up for the Rights of the Unborn.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles empowers you to be an investigative reporter exposing dirty deeds others would like to keep hidden such as James Gordon Meek.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles help you found a new country replacing a tyrannical king with a Republic. A Republic where your Rights are retained no matter what a mob may think. A democracy is where your rights are subject to the will of the mob.

Mobs are often driven by fear, anxiety, and a foundation based on quicksand.  Mobs cause needless deaths, destruction, fear, anxiety and suicides. 

The American Founding Fathers rejected the oppression of the past, and established the American republic on our First Principles to secure our freedom and liberty.

We are the first, perhaps the only nation that holds as self-evident truths that all men and women are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; and that governments are instituted to protect those rights and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. (1)

Principles are not the same as beliefs, beliefs can change.

Principle is a noun that means a fundamental truth or moral beliefs.

Belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

Today we still have people who dig for the truth and don’t accept what the mob says.

It appears that in Brazilian election a few days ago exhibited actions of a certain group which changes election results. The current Brazilian President had the benefits of Arizona Audits and the work of others’ similar work. The current Brazilian President has the support of the people, truckers, and police. The current Brazilian President acting in accordance with his principles has activated the military to conduct a full audit.

Here in the United States there are several groups working on a similar line with our elections. One such group acting in accordance with their principles has already help secure the indictment and arrest of voting machine CEO. The name of that group is True The Vote. As you can imagine certain people are highly incensed that truth is being made known. At this writing the CEO and the lead investigator, a sample of their work can be seen in 2000 Mules, sit in a Federal Prison for not revealing their source.

Sometimes acting in accordance with your principles may not be comfortable and is the right thing to do.

Doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

By order of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been ordered RELEASED on Sunday the 6th of November 2022, link below

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ)   and

Yaron Brook – Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit 2011.flv

Tucker Carlson Just Had the Spokesperson for True the Vote: explanation of why Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht are currently locked up in jail



A Fine Kettle Of Fish

September 30, 2021

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

September 28, 2021 – updated

Unless you’ve been living in your basement for the last year or so you’ve watching the worst international disaster unfold daily before your eyes. While you are watching the international disaster unfold remember there is one person who had the authority, opportunity, and the means to prevent all this from happening instead he choked and gave an elbow bump to the Speaker (1). I wonder how he sleeps at night.

That chocking has caused untold suicides, anger, anxiety, mental anguish, deaths, and economic chaos in large portions of our population through many edicts by Joe who was allowed to be unlawfully seated.

As we hear testimony I wonder who is in charge from the miraculous emergence from the basement. Two generals claim they warned Joe not to surrender. One of those generals also conspired with China.    

Early after the election it became apparent that body doubles were needed for Joe. Perhaps the generals did warn one of the body doubles perhaps not all of them. (2)

“Arthur Roberts, the 83-year-old C-List actor who portrays Joseph Biden on television and in person, blew his cover during a televised press conference with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week.” (2)

“In a moment not caught on microphone and spoken softly enough for the press pool to not overhear, Roberts began lamenting to Johnson his failed film career, and he asked the UK Prime Minister whether he had seen the films Little Miss Magic and Up in Smoke, in which he had minor roles.” (2)

“A theatrically masked Boris Johnson, our source said, discretely muted his microphone and spoke softly in Roberts’ direction, asking, “You’re not Joe Biden. Who the bloody h** are you?”(2)

“Even though he muted his mic, Jen Psaki and White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield were in another office, and able to overhear the entire discourse through hidden parabolic mics in the briefing room. They, how should I put this, freaked the f*** out. They began screaming into Roberts’ hidden earpiece to get back on script or read only from the teleprompter. That’s when Roberts silenced his own mic and told Boris he was only joking around. But Psaki feared the situation would deteriorate, and she immediately ordered the room cleared,” our source said. (2)

He added that a bewildered Johnson later asked Psaki “what the h** just happened,” and was told to forget the entire incident, unless the UK wanted to lose all U.S. support.”(2)

Joe’s hallmark is suppression or elimination of those who disagree with him, a Soviet Union and a Red China tactic. Here is one example of a silencing:  Lt. Col. Scheller’s Attorney Joins Tucker Carlson to Discuss His Political Imprisonment For Speaking Out Against Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle; Marine’s Father Also Issues Statement. (3)

People don’t like being oppressed. People don’t like being lied to. People don’t like their voice silenced at the ballot box.

Here is Kari Lake’s take:  AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake After AZ Audit Results – Calls For INDICTMENTS Against LYING Fake News: “We Should Look At CRIMINALLY Charging Them As Well” (4)

State Senator Sonny Borrelli weighs in: AZ State Senator Sonny Borrelli – Evidence Turned Over To AG Brnovich For Criminal Investigation – MSM PsyOp Spreads Propaganda To Demoralize Americans (5)

All is not lost, there is hope, and together we will get through this fine kettle of fish.  We are a strong people. We are a resilient people. Corrections are on the way.

Look up, our help comes from above. The photo on top was taken in Perry, Georgia before the Rally (6).

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ)  and








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