What Is Going On?

September 8, 2019

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

September 7, 2019




I admit sometimes I forget, and sometimes I can’t remember, and I don’t remember which it is. I tell the kids don’t get old and that I don’t know how that can be done, just don’t get old. Yes, they just look at me.

Where does one call to find out the offense of day, moment is? Is there a central clearing house? It sure seems like you can turn TV stations to find the same words and the same outrage coming from different talking heads. I figure someone is passing out words to say. Would someone please give me the phone number of who has a list of the current offense words, hats or whatever? This growing list is giving me a headache.

When I grew up our news came from newspapers where opinions were found in the Editorial section. News contained facts not propaganda.

Newspapers were printed once, maybe twice a day, or weekly.

There were no computers, cell phones, texting, emails, twitter, facebook or other such things that instantly post pictures and information to people worldwide.  When someone needed or wanted to pass along information or pictures if they didn’t meet in person they put them in the mail.

TV news was on early in the morning, at noon, 6 and 11pm in black and white. There were no twenty four hour TV stations. AM radio was mostly music, FM broadcasts were rare.

No one was shot up into space yet. President Eisenhower had not yet warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex.

In others words people looked each other in the eye and spoke to each other.

Yes, in some ways you could say life was slower compared to today. In some ways life was more relaxed than today.

There actually is a way to support my statement that life was more relaxed then.  The amount of people suffering from anxiety, which is the activation of the Fight or Flight System, rose in response to increase to the strains of everyday life from the 1950s on.

“The common psychological features of these problems include a mélange of symptoms involving nervousness, sadness, and malaise. The typical physical symptoms consist of headaches, fatigue, back pain, gastrointestinal complaints, and sleep and appetite difficulties, often accompanying struggles with interpersonal, financial, occupational, and health concerns. These complaints account for a large proportion of cases found in outpatient psychiatric and, especially, in general medical treatment.” (1).

Am I suggesting we go back in time, not quite? There are very many good uses of modern technology. The biggest downside I see to modern instant communications is the lack of interpersonal communications.

Interpersonal communication is the process by which we exchange information, feelings, and meanings through verbal and non-verbal messages through face-to-face communication. It is not always what is said, but how it is said and the expressions used.  The absence of interpersonal communications can lead to a misinterpretation of what was said which today could lead to quite a flurry of tweets.

My suggestions include: count to ten before sending an instant message, perhaps you’ll change what you want to say;  text less; meet as many people as you can in person to talk face to face; and take walks.  You just might find your quality of life will improve as will those around, doing your part to make the world a better place.


Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) www.narrowpathministries.org and www.familyrenewalcenteraz.org


(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2888013/

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Should reporters air own opinions in public? Americans sound off ‘Era of low trust in media globally’

Fair Play

June 7, 2019

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

June 1, 2019



Fair play seems to be a complex concept that comprises and embodies a number of fundamental values that are not only integral to sports but are relevant in everyday life.

Fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, honesty, integrity, care, excellence and joy are part of fair play that can be learned, experienced and exhibited.

Fair play is really conformity to Godly rules. Cheating is obtaining advantage by unfair or fraudulent means; dishonest behavior; deception; trickery.

If you have to win by cheating you have not won.

If you alter official documents to win; you have in reality proved you are on the loosing side of the issue.

If you have hidden certain relevant information to win; you have in reality proved you are on the loosing side of the issue.

Altering official documents and hiding certain relevant information could find you in need of a good criminal attorney.

The Boy Who Always Won

There was once a boy who liked nothing more in the world than to win. He loved winning at whatever it may be: football, cards, video games… everything. And because he couldn’t stand losing, he had become an expert in all kinds of tricks and cheating. He could play tricks in practically every situation, without being noticed; even in video games or playing alone. He could win without ever being caught.

He won so many times that everyone saw him as the champion. It meant that almost no one wanted to play with him; he was just too far ahead of everyone. One person who did play with him was a poor boy, who was a bit younger. The champion really enjoyed himself at the poor boy’s expense, always making the boy look ridiculous.

But the champion ended up getting bored with all this. He needed something more, so he decided to apply for the national video games championship, where he would find some competitors worthy of himself.

At the championship he was keen to show his skills but, when he tried using all those tricks and cheats he knew from a thousand different games, well… none of them worked. The competition judges had prevented any of the tricks from working.

He felt terribly embarrassed: he was a good player, but without his cheats, he couldn’t beat a single competitor. He was soon eliminated, and sat there, sad and pensive. Finally, they announced the name of the tournament champion. It was the poor boy from home. The one he had always beaten!

Our boy realized that the poor boy had been much cleverer than him. It hadn’t mattered to the poor boy if he lost and got a good beating, because what he was really doing was learning from each of his defeats. And from so much learning he had been transformed into a real master.

From then on, the boy who had loved winning gave up wanting to win all the time. He was quite happy to lose sometimes, because that was when he would learn how to win on the really important occasions. (1)

Today’s news shows a few boys and girls who believed they were entitled to always win. They were used to cheating and covering for each other. They believed they were going to get away with their hoax that almost destroyed our Constitutional Republic. I don’t see evidence they have given up wanting to will all the time.

These few boys and girls caused a lot of good people to become anxious and fearful. These few boys and girls who ruined lives and reputations in their quest to always win continue their spiral into marginality. These few boys and girls simply can not accept the will of the people and the fact they lost. Perhaps a closer look at these few boys and girls will find they exhibit antisocial personality disorders.

Sooner or later, cheating is always uncovered. I believe these few boys and girls are headed for a great uncovering.

If you find you always have a need to win at all costs it is time to reevaluate yourself before you run into a rude awakening.


Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) www.narrowpathministries.org and www.familyrenewalcenteraz.org


(1) https://freestoriesforkids.com/children/stories-and-tales/boy-who-always-won

Independence – Really?

July 23, 2012

God stress

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

7 July 2012

“The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” John Adams wrote in a letter to his wife Abigail.

John Adams could not have foreseen that the principles of the Declaration are lost on the majority of Americans, and for that our elected officials are thankful.

Yes, he thought the 2nd of July would be the big day. We celebrate the Fourth because that is the day the final revisions were agreed upon and the Declaration of Independence was read to the public.

Most people like independence:

Many people dream of starting or owning their own business. In these really tough economic times where it is really difficult to find a job some have started a small business so just so they can feed and take care of their family.

Starting a new business is tough enough without adding the extra STRESS and costs heaped upon them by mountains of government regulations.

When I was young a lemonade stand was a good summertime pastime and good for a few dollars. Today lemonade stands are not permitted in many areas unless – even the four year old comply with thousands of dollars of regulations in order to get a permit. Permit – really – for a lemonade stand?


With the Executive Orders coming Fast and Furious it is why the administration can’t answer simple requests for information and documents. The administration can’t find documents and answer simple requests – they sure seem able to find the lemonade stands to shut down.

Maybe the sights are a little low for a lemonade stand and you a have a new way of making a widget that you are convinced everyone needs. You project your selling price to be affordable for everyone to purchase. Have you read all the regulations you would need to comply with – just so you can employ thousands and make a good income and what it would cost you?


You are one of the fortunate ones to come home from combat in one piece. You’ve put your life on the line 24/7 to keep our country free. You find your old job is not there and neither is the company you worked for.


The lemonade stand, the widget maker, and the returning veteran have many things in common, the lack of money is one, and STRESS is another.

Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit.

Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can give you a jump on managing them. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other medical conditions including mental illnesses.

Of course, if you’re not sure if stress is the cause or if you’ve taken steps to control your stress but your symptoms continue, see your doctor. Your doctor may want to check for other potential causes.

Also, if you have chest pain, especially if it occurs during physical activity or is accompanied by shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness, nausea, or pain radiating into your shoulder and arm, get emergency help immediately. These may be warning of a heart attack and not simply stress symptoms.

Stress affects everyone in a unique way; there are several certain common factors. If you are experiencing: headaches; more frequent colds or flu; have sleep problems; have general anxiety; fuzzy thinking; feeling frustrated and are irritable; and/or have a lowered libido you may be experiencing. When in doubt check with your doctor to make sure it is not something more serious.

Your lack of true independence to create, establish, open and operate a small business to support your family creates STRESS.

You can deal with STRESS in many positive ways.

You can deal with the extra stress and costs heaped upon you by mountains of government regulations in November by voting for those believe in small government and very few regulations on business.

Yes, You Can have real Independence – Really – AND less STRESS.

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries (MA and AZ) www.narrowpthministries.org and Founder of the Family Renewal Center www.familyrenewalcenteraz.org 


March 2, 2012

By Reverend Paul N. Papas II

February 27 2012

The following could apply to any player in any sport with a full and involved crowd: I can’t hear myself think has often been said by someone trying to focus through all the noise around him. This one often applies: “Your actions are speaking so loudly that I can’t hear a word you are saying”

Pick a sport with some very high priced players. Add few rules and little if any oversight of the players. Throw in maximum media coverage of your sport. Now allow the players to say anything they want about themselves and their opponents in a manner timed for maximum damage to their opponents without care.

This presidential primary season has been a better sport than we generally see and hear on the airwaves. We have heard a lot about the faith of the presidential candidates as they jostle through the primaries. If the candidate wins primary by spreading lies and have truths about his opponents how are we to believe he is the better candidate?

The sport of elections should be more about the candidate presenting his or her positive message and pointing out the differences between candidates. If the candidate professes a belief in God and God is truth and the candidate’s actions are speaking so loudly spewing lies and half truths about his opponents, then for me I can’t hear a word the candidate is saying. That candidate does not deserve an opportunity to serve in the highest office in the land.

If the candidate can’t make it on his own merit, then he should be sent home. Sometimes God would offer wonderful promises, and sometimes He would deliver hard truths. God didn’t always tell people what they wanted to hear, but He never failed to say what they needed to hear. Show me by your actions that you have a faith in God don’t try to convince by your many words how righteous you are, then I will trust you with my vote.

Abraham Lincoln failed in various attempts at running for office before winning the presidency. President Lincoln is considered by many to be one of our greatest presidents. President Lincoln, or honest Abe, as he was known had many good traits. He not might fit well in today’s society. Sometimes he would offer wonderful promises, and sometimes he would deliver hard truths. He didn’t always tell people what they wanted to hear he did say what they needed to hear.

President Lincoln was also attacked by opponents, however not in the manner used by a couple of current presidential hopefuls. President Lincoln preferred to squarely address his opponents and present his views in such a manner that people might be swayed to his thinking. He did not demean them because they did not agree with him.

President Lincoln had times of self doubt and was known to suffer from the medical condition of a mental illness of depression. As a matter of fact he wrote about it years before he considered running for president. President Lincoln did not blame others and overcame many hard times to make many tough decisions in running this country in one of our toughest periods.

The stigma of a medical condition of a mental illness of depression can be devastating to many. Some would use their insecurities as an excuse to bully others. Many people with a medical condition of a mental illness manage to thrive and do well in life.

People choose what sport in which they choose to participate. I generally prefer to watch the actions of the player to see if they match their hype before believing them. It is immaterial to me whether they have or had a medical condition of a mental illness as long as their actions match their hype.

Yes, you have a choice in how you are going to deal with the hand you are dealt. Your choice will affect your outlook on life and how well you do.

Don’t listen to the noise, focus on what is important and the real values will shine like a spotlight in a pitch dark night.

Reverend Paul N. Papas II is a Pastoral Counselor with Narrow Path Ministries ( MA + AZ) and Founder of the Family Renewal Center (AZ) www.narrowpathministries.org and www.familyrenewalcenteraz.org


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