VIDEO How Pastors Shaped Our Independence USA Christian Heritage

American Heritage Series: How Pastors Shaped Our Independence, part 2

Air Date: 04/29/2011

Summary: During the Revolutionary War, churches and clergy played a pivotal role, providing leadership in the political and military arenas and helping shape the intellectual ideas that took root in our founding documents. The Bible helped shape our nation’s government, educational system, and culture in general; and while today’s critics have relegated religious leaders to serving only within the four walls of the church, America’s early religious leaders believed that they were to be involved in every aspect of life – including government. Is there still a role for churches and pastors to play in today’s political arena? Discover the answer to that question as well as how pastors and religious leaders set the course for the nation in the American Heritage Series. America: this is your heritage!

America’s Godly Heritage | Psalm 33 | Gary Hamrick

5.3c – Pastor’s freespeech silenced; God’s ministers spoke in politics; IRS code; 401c3


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