VIDEO Responding to the New Attacks on Scripture

Nov 19, 2014

Dr. Farnell’s lecture given at the 2014 National Apologetics Conference.

It’s getting very bad out there in evangelicalism. Today the term inerrancy is used and there are critical evangelical scholars are attempting to redefine what they mean by that. You can trust the Bible. But here’s the question: can you trust this new group of evangelical critical scholars that are attempting to redefine inerrancy?

Denying the Account of the Resurrection of the Saints

Let’s read Matthew 27:45–56. First, notice “and… and… and… and…” Everything is connected here. It’s a complete story. Certain scholars though are saying that part of this story didn’t actually happen. In particular, Dr. Michael Licona, says that the account of the resurrection of the saints is a strange little story and without any real proof, attempts to remove it, claiming it didn’t really happen historically.

Evangelical seminaries are now following this kind of thinking. And it’s having a devastating effect on some pastors. Licona says, “It seems best to regard this difficult text in Matthew a poetic device.” In other words, the resurrection of the saints, Licona says, didn’t happen historically.

Not A New Battle

This battle is not new. This same thing was happening in the 70s in evangelicalism. Scholars from all denominations traveled to Chicago and created a statement affirming the Bible. The CSBI doesn’t just represent a few people, but hundreds of evangelical scholars…

God Said it, I Believe it, that settles it!

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